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One of our YP Leadership Team Members, Kayla Goetz from Gate City Bank, took on this challenge of living on $5 of food per day. She was gracious enough to give us updates throughout the week. Here's her story of preparing for the challenge:

Ok everyone, when our YP president approached me about this project, I was a little skeptical and honestly naive. Eating only $5.00 a day worth of food sounded unrealistic for anyone in our food prices today. And the more I started researching I realized this is going to be very difficult to do.

We all know minimum wage is too low to live off of. Most people who have a full time minimum wage job, must have a second part time job to make ends meet. Once your average bills for the month paid, a family of four will have about $100.00 a week to spend on all food, toiletry, and household items. This is where I was naive. I thought “$100.00 a week, that’s easy! What’s the problem?” Then I went shopping…
I found that toiletry and household items quickly took over my budget. My $100.00 went to $60.00. I have always strived to feed my family healthy meals so I decided I was going to try to be as healthy as possible. But then I started adding up fruit, veggies, chicken prices, we would have to get crafty and eat less for meals if we were going to make this work.
For the next week, I will be sharing my meal prep, pricing, and progress. I should also mention I am expecting my third child, so I am eating for two. My goal is to create awareness of our local hunger issue. Our food pantries need to stay stocked throughout the year. Please donate to help us fill the Minot food pantries. Thank you and wish me luck!
Grocery List
*3 apples $1.50
*2 grapefruits $1.50
*5 English muffins $1.25
*10 oz. of peanut butter $1.50 (40 oz jar of peanut butter $6.00)
*3 chicken breast $2.40 (frozen bag of 6 chicken on sale $4.75)
*Chicken broth $1.50
*Celery Stock $1.00
*Baby Carrots $1.99
*Yellow Onion $.75
*Half a box of Spaghetti noodles $.50 (Full box was $1.00 on sale)
*Spaghetti sauce $.65 (it was on sale 3 for $2.00 whoohoo)
*1lb of hamburger $3.10
*2 Chili beans $1.00 (on sale 2 for a buck)
*2 cans of chili ready tomatoes $1.00
*1 can of tomato sauce $.50
*Half a bag of noodles for chicken noodle soup $.75 (full bag was $1.50)
*5 yogurts $3.00 (on sale 10 for 6 bucks)
Total: $25.00

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