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YP Elections & Hunger Snap

Good afternoon, YP!

2017-2018 Officer Elections
As we prepare for our forthcoming fiscal year, it is time to elect the new officers for our Leadership Team.  Megan Laudenschlager (current President) will move into the Past President position, and Becky Dolley (current Vice President) will move into the President role (as allowed by our bylaws); however, members still need to elect a Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Candidates have been identified to fill each position by the current Leadership Team, but there is still an option for write in candidates for each position.  Please take the time to vote for our officers by Sunday, October 1st, by utilizing this poll: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YP2017Elections

Hunger SNAP Challenge
Today marks the halfway point for our Hunger SNAP Challenge!  We are getting closer to our goal, but we still need your help to reach it!  Please take the time to head to our YP Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/YPMinot) or the fundraiser page to donate today - even the smallest amount will make a difference!

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