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Donate to the Hunger SNAP Challenge!

Minot YP has been a long-time supporter of the food pantries in Minot, and the food pantries need help now more than ever.  In response, we've developed the Hunger SNAP Challenge!

Minot YP's Hunger SNAP Challenge is an initiative to raise awareness and funds for Minot food pantries.  We have challenged community leaders to commit to spending just $5 per day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from September 18th - September 22nd to illustrate the difficulty experienced when trying to eat healthily on a budget.

While we are raising awareness through the challenge to our community leaders, we are asking members of Minot YP and the community to donate! Because of great donors like Magic City Lions Club and Gate City Bank, we have $1,200 already available to donate to the food pantries. Our goal is to build upon that base funding to reach $5,000! So we need our YP members and community residents to help us raise the additional $3,800! All funds raised will be donated to Minot food pantries (through the Minot Area Homeless Coalition) to specifically be used to purchase meat - a product that is expensive to purchase and often not donated.  To donate, head to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/YPMinot) or search for our fundraiser on Facebook (
Raising Money for Food Pantries for Minot YP's Hunger SNAP Challenge).  If every YP member donates $30, we will easily exceed our goal!

Why $5?
The average person utilizing SNAP benefits receives $126.16 per month, which equates to $4.08 per day. Because SNAP benefits are meant to supplement an existing food budget, we rounded our challenge up to the next nearest dollar.

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