Women's Leadership Program

DateNov 13 2014

The Women's Leadership Program is an intense six month program dedicated to expanding the personal, pro¬fessional, community and health leadership skills for women of all ages and backgrounds. Throughout the program participants hear from top leaders from North Dakota and beyond that guide and challenge the women to take the next steps in their leadership development. Participants gain hands on experience through leadership exercises and a philanthropy challenge.

"The Women's Leadership Program helped show me areas where I was strong (community involvement) and areas where I needed improvement (public speaking). I learned how to deal more effectively with different people and different personalities (I'm a green and needs lots of facts before committing to a decision). It presented strategies for managing personal and professional commitments, and how to weigh those choices. It left me with the confidence to reach beyond my comfort zone, because the worse someone can say is 'No.' And lastly, it provided a great network of women to turn to for guidance and camaraderie." - Cameon Eisenzimmer, 2013 Minot Women's Leadership Program Graduate

Up to 20 applicants will be selected, applications are due by December 12, 2014. 

More information available at http://trainingnd.com/technology-training/womens-leadership-program 

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