2016 Supermarket Sweep

DateSep 01 2016

The Minot Young Professionals are raising funds for the Minot-area Homeless Coalition.

The Minot Young Professionals organization say they work to come up with different and entertaining ways to raise money, and say this fundraiser was inspired by a classic game show.

"It is based off of a TV show that used to be on the TV, I'm not even sure when that aired exactly. Probably before my time. But you can YouTube it," said Megan Awalt, Minot Young Professionals Outreach team chair.

Teams of two from organizations like Sanford Health and First International Bank and Trust, use the funds they've respectively raised to get whammies, or gags and tricks, to get an advantage on other teams.

After participating in a trivia game, the teams were off.

The Minot Young Professionals are burning rubber with these shopping carts. To help fill it up with the food that they plan to donate to the food pantries in the area.

Each team got three minutes to find the required items on the grocery lists. The team that came the closest to $200 in charges without going over, won.

This year, Sanford Health took home the gold.

Altogether, the group raised almost $4,400 that they used to fill nearly 35 baskets with food and home essentials. The Homeless Coalition split the winnings among three organizations.

"Donations are huge for us, we really appreciate the Young Professionals as they have ear marked us along with other for this fundraising event. It makes us be able to keep going," said Gerald Roise, The Lord's Cupboard Food Pantry.

Over the past seven years, the young professionals' supermarket sweep has raised more than $25,000 for the Homeless Coalition.

"I joined Young Professionals initially because I wanted to give back to the community that I live in and this is such a great way to do that and help others in a time of need. And I find that to be so rewarding," said Awalt.

The group's members say they hope to continue helping out the community.

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