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Who is YP Minot?
We are a group of young professionals, ages 21-39, living and working in Minot and the surrounding areas. We believe in what this city has to offer and our future looks bright. We believe in making Minot a fun place to live and work and encourage you to join us. If you have any ideas while we grow this network, let us know. We want to engage young people in Minot.

YP Minot is lead by a group of young professionals, which make up our Leadership Team. Each year, we will elect a new President and Vice-President and individual team leaders. The network is divided into 4 core planning teams. Learn more about each team and how you can become involved in YP.
The Chamber
We are affiliated with the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce as an independent network. Decisions are made within the Leadership Team and we welcome any input from any of our YP members. The Minot Area Chamber of Commerce is currently the administrator of our yearly dues and maintains our membership lists. They also help us with any other administrative duties that shall arise. We're thankful for this great partnership!

Who Can Join YP?
Membership is open to any young professional, ages 21-39, residing in Minot or the surrounding area who has an interest in and commitment to our city.


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